Support Policy

TransVirtual strives to provide the highest quality service at a price that’s kept as low as possible to ensure equitable access to the latest technology. We make available tools that allow you to manage almost every aspect of your account, including tasks that were once the exclusive domain of computer developers. When you have a question or need additional support, you can choose one of the following options:

Free Support

Lodge a help ticket via the website or email This is designed for:

  1. General advice
  2. Simple troubleshooting
  3. Links to online documentation

Premium Support

Phone support via +61 2 4905 0805 or email This is applied to:

  1. All phone support
  2. Detailed email support
  3. Online/Onsite Staff Training
  4. Remote Support (TeamViewer)
  5. Project Planning/Implementation Management
  6. Integrations/EDI

Premium support is billed in 15-minute increments or part thereof at the sole discretion of TransVirtual. Use either the Post-Paid option charged at our standard rate of USD$120.00/hr or select a Pre-Paid Pack below. All support is itemised on your invoice.

Pre-Paid Premium Support Packs

  1. Implementation Pack - 10 hours - USD$960.00 (20% discount, one time only)
  2. 10 hours - USD$1,080.00 (10% discount)
  3. 25 hours - USD$2,550.00 (15% discount)

Free/Premium Email Fair Use

Free support isn’t a substitute for paid setup/implementation support or effective training for you or your staff either online or onsite,

  1. Short responses to basic questions – Free
  2. Email requests requiring lengthy responses that would be slower than a phone call – Premium
  3. Concise question and answer – Free
  4. Email conversations with repeated question and answer that would be slower than a phone call to discuss – Premium
  5. Reporting and subsequent investigation of potential bugs or issues with steps and screenshots allowing the process to be quickly reproduced – Free
  6. Emailed requests requiring detailed advice or training on specific workflows or processes – Premium
  7. Reporting and subsequent Investigation of potential bugs or issues:
    1. without adequate information or documentation requiring detailed troubleshooting to reproduce - Premium
    2. arising from user error/incorrect process - Premium
    3. unable to be reproduced. – Premium

All support requests are classified and responded to based on severity level. No guarantee is given or implied that we will process a Premium Support request over a more critical Free Support request.


For many companies, we have established integrations ready to go. Most of these have a flat rate setup fee of USD$60.00. If you would like to integrate with a new company or service multiple areas for a specific customer additional charges may apply. Contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

Trial Accounts

What you can expect during your free trial:

  1. 60 days to evaluate if we’re a good fit for your business
  2. 30 minute online demo to show you around
  3. Single user login to test with
  4. All basic features of TransVirtual
  5. All paid add-on modules in TransVirtual
  1. Assistance in setting up a single EDI import/export for testing
  2. Assistance setting up a basic (or partial) zone list and rate card for testing
  3. Free support

What you can’t expect during your free trial:

  1. Full implementations or setting up your account
  2. Configuring specific processes to meet your requirements
  3. Setting up full/multiple EDI integrations
  4. Setting up full/multiple zone lists and rate cards
  1. Customised templates such as consignment notes, labels or invoices.
  2. Personalised training on the mobile app or web portal for specific processes.
  3. Premium support

If you would like to test detailed scenarios or setup specific work flows, you can:

  1. Use the free support channel or help documentation available online.
  2. Purchase one of our Pre-Paid Premium Support Packs and our staff can provide personalised assistance.
  3. Move to a full account by entering your credit card online to enable Post-Paid Premium Support which is invoiced weekly.

Onsite Visits

We provide onsite demonstrations, implementation assistance, training, and support specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Contact us via email or on +61 2 4905 0805 to express your interest and discuss your requirements.

A quote will be provided for review and a 50% deposit will need to be paid as confirmation. The balance will be invoiced after the site visit is complete and final expenses have been recorded.

Onsite Training (excludes travel costs)
HourlyUSD$120.00 per hr

Travel Costs
Hourly (non-business hrs = 50%)USD$60.00 per hr
Hourly (business hrs = 100%)USD$120.00 per hr
DrivingUSD$0.68 per km
FlightsCost Price
Car Hire / Fuel and TollsCost Price
AccommodationCost Price
Overnight/Meals AllowanceUSD$120.00 per night

* RapidTeks fatigue policy restricts staff from working longer than 12 hours/day including travel time. Accommodation will be charged if the combined travel and training requirements exceeds this limit.

Prioritising Development

All development tasks including feature requests fall into one of the following categories. Each task is judged against a matrix to give it a priority then placed in our Development Queue with the highest priority tasks completed first.

  1. Essential Tasks - All development tasks deemed essential to the continued stability and availability of TransVirtual features are completed as soon as being identified.
  2. Paid Tasks – Development tasks that clients pay to be prioritised in the development queue. Costs including research, development, implementation and testing are charged at USD$160.00/hr. Once and estimate is approved, paid tasks are usually scheduled to begin development within a few weeks.
  3. Regular Tasks – Feature requests are added to the queue and ranked for priority alongside existing tasks. Highly ranked features may take months or longer to begin development depending on complexity and current workloads.
Classification and Response Times.

All support requests are classified according to the severity of impact on the use of service. The following table defines how your request will be classified. TransVirtual will allocate a level and may escalate/deescalate this at any time as the situation changes. All disputes regarding severity classification will be resolved by TransVirtual in its sole discretion.

Severity LevelDescriptionInitial Response Time1
1A catastrophic issue where a majority of core or critical services are offline or unavailable and/or large numbers of services are severely restricted and no procedural work around exists. 1 hour
2A wide spread issue that reduces access or availability of system services or there is significant impact to limited services and a work around exists that requires some additional time/effort.6 hours
3An isolated or low impact issue affecting non-critical services or functionality but the customer can continue to function or an easy workaround exists.1 business day
4General usage questions, recommendations, feature requests or suggestions for product enhancement or modification. There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the existing product and/or documented help is readily available. 5 business days

1This time is the maximum time we set for an initial response, not the time required to address the issue. We continually strive to maintain response times that are significantly less than those stated and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

If you experience significant issues with accessing or completing critical tasks in TransVirtual outside of normal business hours, you can contact our on call technical support staff on +61 490 907 281.