Data Storage Policy

There is a vast amount of data generated, collected and then stored for review or retrieval in TransVirtual. This policy defines how long we will store your data and what happens to it once it reaches the end of its useful life.

As the owner of an account, you have the responsibility to determine what happens to your data. There are tools and processes available via the EDI that enable you to download and store backups of your data if desired.

We will assist in providing copies of relevant data in an appropriate format on request. Costs incurred in completing the will be invoiced and payment required before data is released.

The policy applies to all information collected and stored by TransVirtual and includes but is not limited to:

  1. Consignment data including POD’s
  2. Manifests and runsheets
  3. Customers service tickets
  4. Vehicle and fleet records
  5. GPS tracking
  6. Emails/SMS
  7. Scanned documents excluding POD’s
  8. Photos
  9. Rates and associated zones
  10. Invoices
  1. Minimum Data Storage Schedule

    6 months

    - GPS tracking data deleted.
    - No notice provided, deletion at the sole discretion of TransVirtual

    12 months

    - All consignment and associated data including but not limited to runsheets, manifests, customer service tickets, scanned documents and photos moved to archive servers.
    - 30 days’ notice provided.

    5 years

    - Archive servers deleted
    - 90 days’ notice provided to clients

    Extended Storage Options

    All data can be maintained for periods longer than specified in this Policy. Rates are currently applied per connote, paid upfront, and purchased in 6 monthly blocks. Rates will vary over time dependant on current storage prices as supplied by our service providers.

    You can choose from Extended Active Storage, Extended Archive Storage or both. Please contact us to request a review of your requirements and to arrange a quote.